Here are some examples of the kinds of electronic products we can customize for you and your company…

RoxBox™ Cyclone Bluetooth® Speaker

Portable and compact, yet produces exceptional sound quality that can fit into any space, indoor or outdoor.

RoxBox™ Newport Bluetooth® Speaker Wood

10 Watt Bluetooth® speaker

Quad Power Bank (2,200mAh)

2200 mAh Grade A battery

Deltoid Power Bank (2200 mAh)

This 2200 mAh power stick, has a Grade A battery, is the perfect shape and size for carrying around with you all day.

Solo Bluetooth® Headset

Wireless headphones to listen to your music or phone conversation with incredible clarity.

RoxBox™ Aqua Bluetooth® Speaker

Produces exceptional sound quality and can fit into any space, indoor or outdoor. IPX4 water resistant rating.

Boompods™ Headpods

Good headphones with excellent sound quality and functionality.

RoxBox™ Capsule Bluetooth® Speaker

Easy to connect using A2DP Bluetooth® V2.1 EDR

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